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Our kids celebrating a much needed holiday due to your donations. **Click on for sound**

Souls of Christ Ministries

Founded in 2017, Souls of Christ Ministries  

has been helping the destitute, abandoned, and vulnerable children of the Mityana Municipality in Uganda, Africa. As poverty, violence, and global issues

increase, the orphanage is now in need, more than ever, of support to keep these innocent children, from infants to teenagers, safe from the dangers of rape, abuse, and sex trafficking as well as starvation and death. Through the Grace of God and the goodness of wholesome people, together we can save these children and put an end to the evils that steal their innocence, hope, and lives. Click here for more information about the orphanage. 

100% of the donations go towards providing the children with necessities, such as food, medicine, hygienic products, clothing, shelter, and other essential items.

Spread the word about saving the children of Uganda, Africa through posting on social media, volunteering, and hosting corporate, school, community, & place of 

worship fundraisers and events.

To provide a safe, happy environment and provisions so the orphans and vulnerable children of Uganda can thrive, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Every child deserves a full belly, a warm bed, and a loving community. 

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