Souls of Christ children dance at their 2020 Christmas party,                  only possible through donations. 

Unlike most charities, Souls of Christ Ministries Uganda is an orphanage created with the sole purpose to help vulnerable youths so all funds go directly to helping the local children. Donations go towards paying for food, clean water, rent, hygienic products, clothing, medicine and medical care, supplies, and education. 

To give donors some perspective as to how far a USD goes in Uganda: $1 USD is worth around 3,620 Ugandan Shillings. The average cost of a pound of rice or maize is $0.50 USD in Uganda so even a small donation can help feed many. (link) We have provided an itemized list of the monthly costs of the orphanage to feed and house roughly 50 orphans in Uganda (right hand corner).


Additionally, once donors send a donation, they can contact us directly and we can provide a photo of the receipt and supplies that were purchased with the funds sent ( to the right). This way donors can see how they are directly helping the children. Also, children are often so grateful they create personalized signs and send thank you photos to donors. 


Many times with other organizations only a small percentage of the donations actually go towards helping the cause. In terms of Souls of Christ Ministries, all donations go to making sure the children of Uganda are safe, fed, and happy. 


Receipt sent to donor of food purchased with donation.  

Bags of maize purchased with donations to feed the children. 


Ggita Simon handing out food and supplies to the children.