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Souls of Christ Ministries Uganda is currently serving as a home to over 50 orphaned children, ranging from infants to teenagers. Ggita (Gitta) Simon, affectionately known as Dad, started this orphanage in 2017 when he saw the increasing problem of homeless, starving, and abandoned children eating out of garbage cans and living on the street. These vulnerable children were and still are at risk to be raped, trafficked, abused, and killed for sacrificial rituals as well as suffer starvation and death due to lack of food and proper care. 


This evil very much exists in the world especially in the outskirts of Africa where the authorities are corrupt and poverty is rampant. Many of these children would go unnoticed if kidnapped, raped, sold, and killed as their families are either dead or abandoned them.


Ggita Simon knows all too well about this life and its dangers because he was orphaned by his own family at the age of 7. By the Grace of God, he was found by a woman of faith who brought him to the Kana Children Orphanage in which raised him and provided him with a secondary school education. This second chance gave him the basic needs to survive and ability to develop his own carpentry business as a young adult. 


While Ggita was earning an honest wage, he still saw the increasing numbers of orphaned children in his beloved Uganda and knew he had to help them as he saw himself in many of these hopeless children.

Ggita began feeding children on the streets with donations from families and friends and using his own money to provide them with basic needs. He even began to find places for them to live, creating a make-shift orphanage for the many helpless children. 

One incident in particular deeply affected Ggita. It occurred after a heavy rain fall when he found a nine-year-old orphaned boy, Kevin, dead in a water trench, as he and many other kids lived under road culverts and in these trenches.  Seeing this child's lifeless body was horrifying and motivated Simon to dedicate his life to serving God and helping these children.

Praying for guidance, Ggita set out to save as many young people as he could. As he did this, many more children began to find him in need of shelter and food. This is when Gitta began looking to the local church in his area to provide housing and support.


Following this path, Souls of Christ Ministries was established in an effort to create a more stable environment for these children. With more needy children came a greater responsibility to provide for them as well as increasing bills. Realizing this, Ggita turned to the internet as a way to spread awareness about these children in need and to attain monetary assistance.

Currently, Souls of Christ Ministries, under the directorship of Ggita Simon, is assisting children in terms of providing them with food, clothing, shelter, and safety. Much more, this warm environment 

provides them with love and hope, as all children deserve. 


Ggita dream is to continue these efforts to help even more children and to provide them with an education as well. Due to the extreme poverty in the area, education isn't prevalent so his hope is to build a school where the children can learn. With a safe home and an education, these children can grow into balanced adults who end the cycle of despair and fill the world with more love and kindness.

The orphanage has officially been registered as a ministry orphanage in the country of Uganda. Click here (Page 1 and Page 2) for updated registration documents


Click on each photo below to enlarge and see caption.

Ggita with the kids celebrating Easter 2021 in Uganda.
Ggita and the kids hold up generation donations of food.
Ggita stirring up Christmas dinner.
The kids are all smiles during Easter 2021 dinner.
Ggita hands out plates of food during Easter 2021celebration.
Ggita makes sure all the children have their dinners.
The children thank their generous donors for making their first Christmas celebration possible.
For the first time in a long time, the children's bellies and hearts are full.
The children get some of their first Christmas gifts ever in 2020.
Ggita has a few laughs with the children during Easter.
One of our angels showing off his Christmas goodies.
Ggita helps one of the orphanage's littlest ones take a drink.
Locals help with feeding the children during Christmas celebration.
Through donations, the children received small gift bags of toys and decorations for Christmas 2020.
Ggita with one of our little angels.
The whole orphanage comes together to celebrate Easter and celebrate Christ and His love.
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