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Our U.S. volunteer ambassador, Gina Morresi, has set up a Go Fund me page which allows people in the USA and worldwide to easily donate without having to worry about how and where their donations are going. Access to the internet is limited where the children are located in Uganda so Ms. Morresi has graciously offered to oversee this aspect so the funds can be sent directly to the children at all times, even when wifi and internet connections are sparse in Africa. Click here to donate through Go Fund Me. 



Donors can directly send funds to the Soul of Ministries Uganda Orphanage through World Remit, an 

international money transfer site. This allows money to be safely transferred using a credit or debit card (check with card for transfer fees) to the orphanage in real time as the director can access the money that day and purchase supplies immediately. If there is any issue, this highly-used and reputable international site can assist with any questions or concerns about the process and donations. This allows donors to feel secure when donating. Click here to donate through World Remit.


*Directions on how to donate using World Remit: 


1. Create a login and password

2. Select Uganda as country for donation

3. Type in following information when prompted: 

4. Send donation using debit or credit card (check with your card if there is a transfer fee). If you do not have a credit or debit card, many donors buy prepaid charge cards at their banks or local stores for the amount they want donate -- please factor in transfer fees.

5. Get receipt instantly from World Remit and easily login to see history to use for tax donation purposes. 

6. Contact the director via phone, Facebook, or email if you would like a personal photo and receipt of what your donation is being used for.

7. Share with others to help even more children. 



Beyond giving funds, there are various ways to help! Through spreading awareness, orchestrating fundraising events, and working one-on-one with the orphanage and the children. Click here to find out ways to volunteer.




Our older children often help care for our littlest ones. 

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