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Ggita with the kids celebrating Easter 2021 in Uganda.
Ggita and the kids hold up generation donations of food.
Ggita stirring up Christmas dinner.
The kids are all smiles during Easter 2021 dinner.
Ggita hands out plates of food during Easter 2021celebration.
Ggita makes sure all the children have their dinners.
The children thank their generous donors for making their first Christmas celebration possible.
For the first time in a long time, the children's bellies and hearts are full.
The children get some of their first Christmas gifts ever in 2020.
Ggita has a few laughs with the children during Easter.
One of our angels showing off his Christmas goodies.
Ggita helps one of the orphanage's littlest ones take a drink.
Locals help with feeding the children during Christmas celebration.
Through donations, the children received small gift bags of toys and decorations for Christmas 2020.
Ggita with one of our little angels.
The whole orphanage comes together to celebrate Easter and celebrate Christ and His love.